SuperTalk Language Guide b26

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SuperTalk Language Guide b26

Postby JoeKoomen2011 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:10 am

Typing the subject/keyword doesn't jump you to the word in the Nav index. Search entry in the main window still works, but this is inconvenient.

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Re: SuperTalk Language Guide b26

Postby Scott » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:25 am

Hmmm... it would appear the updated list fields broke the listKey command.
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Re: SuperTalk Language Guide b26

Postby codegreen » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:29 am

Whoops, my bad...

I had to write a replacement for the List Manager's LSearch function (which you can try out in ask list) for b26's newly extended list fields, because under the hood they're actually empty. Apparently though I neglected to change listKey to call it instead of LSearch.


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