Some antialiased graphic weirdness

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Some antialiased graphic weirdness

Postby Mike » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:28 am

Opened SuperCard, created a new project, selected the oval tool and dragged out an oval... oh yeah... need to turn on antialiasing to see the smooth version. Oops. Deleted that oval. Opened the message box and set the antialias of wd 1 to true and then closed the message box (doesn't display a close box but clicking where the close widget should be did the trick). Selected the oval tool from the palette and dragged it out with shift... hmmm... ok, no constrain to keep it a perfect circle. Interesting lasso effect. Let go of the mouse and a nice smooth antialiased oval (sweet). Deleted the oval. Selected the round rectangle tool and dragged it out (getting a round rect outline as I was dragging). Let go of the mouse and.... ta da... it is an oval at the same size and shape as the oval I had just deleted (which extended past the bounds of the round rect I had just dragged out).

Deleted that. Selected the oval tool and dragged it out (this time a different size and shape)... got the previous oval? Selected the round rect tool and dragged it out. Got the round rect expected. Deleted both. Selected square tool and dragged out... got the previous oval. Left that on the screen. Selected the oval tool and dragged out... got the previous round rect.

If I select the graphic and grab a resize handle for it and move slightly to see the animated outline and then release the mouse... then it refreshes to the correct shape in the correct bounds. But as I try the same delete and create new objects process as above it behaves the same.

Quit SuperCard and reopened it from that same project. Tried again. The first oval was the size and shape I dragged out (so it didn't retain the prior one after the quit - which I pretty much expected)... so then I proceeded to try the same as above and... got the same results
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