Project Search - Yuk!

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Project Search - Yuk!

Postby DaveFrancis » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:15 pm

Sorry guys, but I really don't like the new Project Search.

It doesn't show a progress bar, takes 10 times as long to create a list of 'finds', doesn't show them as they're found, and when it finally does display the list it doesn't give the names of cards and backgrounds, just their id numbers.

But the killer is: clicking on a line in the found list doesn't highlight it, so nothing happens. :-(

Personally I'd rather continue to use the old Project Search. But dammit, that one's not working either - clicking in the found list doesn't highlight a line.

There's probably an obvious answer to this, I just can't think what it is right now.

Dave Francis
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Re: Project Search - Yuk!

Postby codegreen » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:48 pm

Apparently there's a nasty bug related to list fields in b29 (caused by accidental deletion a couple of months ago of a critical line of code), which is the reason that list isn't responding to clicks.

As for the issue of it showing IDs instead of names that's actually a preference set in the Options window (and always was, though it may ship with a different default now).

You can also re-enable the progress bar and messages in the same window. Depending how fast the media you're searching on is though, this may make it up to ten times slower.

I'm surprised to hear about the speed issue though (unless perhaps the UI just isn't updating synchronously due to the list bug). In my tests here it's flat-out ridiculously fast, running blurred circles around the previous version (for example I can search my entire SharedFile with it in roughly a quarter of a second).


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Re: Project Search - Yuk!

Postby DaveFrancis » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:53 pm

Thanks a lot for your quick reply Mark.

How stupid of me, not to remember the Options window! Now that I've set the Preferences to my usual um.. preferences, I'm happy to say the Project Search is once again blindingly fast! And works the way I'm used to seeing it work. So the only legitimate 'whinge' I had was the highlighting problem. And since you're aware of that already, I certainly have no complaints; I know you'll get around to that issue when you have the time.

Thanks again for your reassurances,

Best regards, Dave.
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