SuperCard 4.8 Replicate String Utility Function

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SuperCard 4.8 Replicate String Utility Function

Postby codegreen » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:19 am

SuperCard 4.8 adds a handy new string utility function called replicate.

As the name suggests, it returns zero or more copies of whatever prototype string you pass it:

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   put replicate(abc, 1)          -- abc
   put replicate(abc, 2)          -- abcabc
   put replicate(abc, 0)          --
   put replicate("abc def ", 2)   -- abc def abc def

You only fully appreciate the value of this when you have to generate something absurdly loooong like the 512 zeros at the start of a PICT file, but even for much shorter strings it's far less error-prone.

Which of these is easier to grok (and thus in which would you be more likely to spot an error)?

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   put replicate(0, 38) into x


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   put "00000000000000000000000000000000000000" into x

It's also useful for padding strings to a desired length:

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on mouseUp
   get random(100000000)
   put replicate(0, 10 - len(it)) & it
end mouseUp

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