b27: Japanese in ScriptEditor

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b27: Japanese in ScriptEditor

Postby komouton » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:21 am

I haven't notice this issue until now.

When some Japanese text is typed at the top of a line in ScriptEditor, the text may be broken and the coherency of the script itself also may be broken. This issue occurs when return key is pressed (line-break).

If Japanese text is used in a script as a variable name, an object's name, or comment text, it is necessarily preceded to some command or other words, such as "put", "fld", or "--". In this situation, the Japanese text won't be broken.

Therefore, "typing Japanese at the top of a line" can't be involved in normal scripts, but it is possible that some users will type some Japanese text at first, and process it into a script line.

This issue is avoidable if some roman text (commands or "--") is typed at the top of lines, so it might have to be included in "Cautions for the Japanese".
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