SC 4.1.2 to SC 4.7

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SC 4.1.2 to SC 4.7

Postby iandalgleish » Fri Mar 04, 2011 6:51 am

I've created quite a few standalone apps using SuperCard 4.1.2.
SuperCard 4.1.2 is a PowerPC app.
Activity Monitor indicates that my standalones are also in PowerPC format and will therefore only run on an Intel machine with the help of Rosetta.

The rumour is that OS 10.7 (Lion) will not support Rosetta.
None of my standalones will therefore run on Intel machines using OS 10.7.

To address this problem I'm thinking of purchasing SuperCard 4.7.

Question 1: Will I be able to open the 4.1.2 standalones, or their equivalent SC project file, in SC 4.7 and save them as 4.7 standalones?

Question 2: Is the Standalone Maker in SC 4.7 able to save in Intel format or, better still, Universal Binary (both Intel and PowerPC) format?

Ian Dalgleish.
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Re: SC 4.1.2 to SC 4.7

Postby Scott » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:59 am

4.7 will open, or a more accurate description would be that it will convert 4.1 projects to the new project file format introduced in 4.5. Starting with version 4.6, SuperCard was updated to a Universal Binary application, and standalones built with it are Universal Binary, packaged applications.
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