FSIterator 2.0

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FSIterator 2.0

Postby HairyHighlandCow » Thu Apr 07, 2011 6:41 am

I've been updating the FSIterator external for Mike who uses it in his Archive software. The latest version has some new features and fixes a bug where names with accents were not always being read from the database.

FSIterator can generate and save a catalogue of the contents of a folder, several folders or a hard disk into an SQLite database. It is designed for SuperCard 4.7. It can be set to ignore invisible files. Data returned includes file name, file extension (separate from file name if required), Finder label, modfied date, created date, size, type, creator, path (POSIX and HFS), whether item is inside a package, and whether an item is a file, folder, package, alias to file or alias to directory. Card messages are sent to SuperCard during indexing so you can update a progress bar.

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