Label Maker (Rotated)

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Label Maker (Rotated)

Postby DougDenby » Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:45 pm

If all has gone well, attached will be a Label making palette project, version 1.1.

It contains a simple sample project with the Label Maker palette. It can act as a sample or tutorial for you.

Using SuperEdit, copy the palette to your development project. Run the project. Open a card that you want to add some labels to. Open wd "Label Maker" and go to work.

Decades ago, I had a little utility project from Adobe (I think it was called TextAlign) that allowed me to create labels and such on angles, arches and so on. That was wonderful, but long gone now. The palette I have designed is a long way from being as good as that utility, but it works for labels on straight lines at any angle, with any text of any font, of any size, of any style. And all done without the use of an extension. It is slow, but it works.

Version 1.1 speeds up the rotational component; adds a "P" for plain style button; improves the Applescript script; cleans up a little scripting.

Doug Denby
Label Maker Ver. 1.1
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