Using Shell to make SQLite databases in SC

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Using Shell to make SQLite databases in SC

Postby vinnie-bob » Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:14 am

This is a very simple example of creating and searching a SQLite database using SC as a front end, and the sqlite3 shell command behind the scenes. Totally organic, and external free!

Click the "add to database" button to create a database on your desktop with the information in the fields. Add a few records and give it a test. When you do a search, the "*" will return all records separated by the pipe character.
N.B: DO NOT CHANGE THE SEARCH FIELD. The demo only will search and return on the first name. You can change what is returned by each search using the menu and can specify returning the whole record (using "*"), returning just the first name, last name, or book title. If you alter the Search field, I think the whole thing breaks. Posted this unfinished, sorry. I am old...and lazy.

There are plenty of tutorials online which will clue you in to the specific grammar you need to use to manipulate sqlite databases when you need to move beyond the simple example provided here. Good luck!
A simple demo using shell to create and search a SQLite database
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