System Error -10660 when Opening a Project

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System Error -10660 when Opening a Project

Postby Scott » Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:52 am

This error usually occurs when you are double-clicking a project file and the Finder is trying to launch a copy of SuperCard that is currently in the "Trash". Emptying the trash (if it contains an older version you have replaced or updated) or moving SuperCard out of the trash should correct the problem.
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Re: System Error -10660 when Opening a Project

Postby Dan_Kelleher » Tue Nov 09, 2010 10:46 am

The following comment is regarding error -10660 but is about opening an application other than SuperCard and a document (file) owned by that application and to be opened by that application and doing it all from within Supercard using a call that involves the powerful ability of SuperCard to use applescript.

The comment is this:
such a script can fail and throw error -10660 if the application that is called is in The APPLICATIONS folder at the route of the hard drive BUT IS WITHIN A SUB FOLDER. Moving the application out of the sub-folder solves the problem.

An example of such a script is show below:

Code: Select all
on mouseUp
global gFolderPath
put gFolderPath & "Pf_Cartoon.pse" into tFilePath
put merge("tell app `` to open `[[tFilePath]]`") into tScript
get script(do,applescript,tScript)
end mouseUp
SC4.7.3 OSX 10.7.2 Mac Pro
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