Converted HyperCard Stacks Do Not Run Properly

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Converted HyperCard Stacks Do Not Run Properly

Postby Scott » Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:25 pm

Converting a HyperCard stack to a SuperCard project is a simple thing, but that doesn't necessarily insure that it will run without errors. While SuperCard is the closest available environment to HyperCard; the two environments (and their scripting languages) are not identical, and all but the simplest stacks may require some tweaking in SuperCard to run without error.

If this turns out to be necessary with your stack, and you have no experience building or scripting HyperCard stacks, there will be a learning curve involved so you can make the necessary changes to the converted project. The HyperCard area of our web site offers details on the kinds of things that are different between the two environments. There is also a dedicated forum here to ask specific questions of other members who have already made the switch.
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