HyperCard Converter Unexpectedly Quits

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HyperCard Converter Unexpectedly Quits

Postby Scott » Fri Nov 21, 2008 12:30 pm

Sometimes you can have a corrupted object in a HyperCard stack that can prevent the conversion process from completing. You should see a window with a clock type display progressing as it reads through the various cards. If this process does not go full circle to completion this is most likely the cause.

Two things can be done to insure conversion in this case. First, try opening the original stack in HyperCard and compacting it, then save it out to a new file and try the conversion again.

If the new file still does completely convert, try to determine the last card number indicated in the progress window. Open the stack again in HyperCard and delete that number card from the stack (it can sometimes be the card before or after that number so it is usually a good idea to delete those as well). Compact and save a copy of that stack and try the conversion again.
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