MPI 4.1

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MPI 4.1

Postby S. Leys » Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:14 am

I've uploaded MPI 4.1.

Thanks to John who sent me a sample project, I could fix the problem he had which was due to the go back command.
I've made an XFcn for removing the MPI palettes from the menu of the dock and the "Window" menu.
BTW, when there is a "Window" menu, cmd-M will minimize the topwindow instead of opening the message box. In this case, you can use ctrl-M or ctrl-cr for opening/closing the message box. I've added an item to the utilities menu for this.
I've also implemented some securities for a better coexistence with the RTE.
I've added an option in the window templates tab of the preferences for adding an anchor window to new projects.
If a registered copy of MPI is open when you run the installer, the registration will be automatically copied to the new version.
And a few minor bugs fixes.

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