MPI 4.2.4

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MPI 4.2.4

Postby S. Leys » Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:15 am

I have posted MPI 4.2.4

I revisited the browse module. There was a conflict between cliclist and doubleclicklist, the second click were sometimes swallowed by the update made by the first one. The result was that double clicking a window or project in the list sometimes didn't open it.
The modules now pop to front when the mouse enter them. More handy when they overlap and it makes them more reactive to the first click.
I've improved the drag by content of the modules, the empty part of tabs and primary or secondary group buttons is now handled the same way as the empty parts of the card and thus allow dragging the palette.
I've added a security to the resource module so that resources of other files than SC projects can't be dragged to trash.
I've added an "animation" window to the OGL tutorial. It contains two variants of an animation stolen to Chilton that I revisited a bit.

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