Script Debugger 7 - with light version!

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Script Debugger 7 - with light version!

Postby vinnie-bob » Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:12 am

Hey folks,

If you do anything semi-serious or complex with Applescript and you are struggling with Apple's Script Editor, you owe it to yourself to check out Script Debugger. The Explorer mode (which shows you all of the applications applescript references) can be the difference between groking the correct script and failure. The cost of admission isn't trivial ($99), but if this saves you a few hours of frustration, definitely worth it.

With the new version, there is a free 'lite' version which may be a good alternative to Script Ed. It does not have the advanced debuging features of the full version, but it offers a lot you can't do with Script Editor. It appears you can access Explorer mode which lets you see everything the app you want to script has that you can access by AS. (I couldn't check this out personally because I have upgraded and the lite version functions only until you enter a serial number…which I did immediately)

If you find Script editor to be frustrating because of all the logging you need to do to debug things, you should certainly switch to the lite version!
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