Any Cloud Backup users out there?

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Any Cloud Backup users out there?

Postby vinnie-bob » Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:31 am

I just got a notice about an upgrade to Retrospect ( backup program ) which adds the ability to use cloud storage services such as Amazon, Google, etc. I hadn't really thought about this all that much because I am happy with using hard drives, but I am getting a bit disturbed by how quickly my backup disks become full and of course, you have to worry about what happens to your data in the event of a physical disaster.

I have heard of Backblaze which is promoted on Daring Fireball, which sounds good, and relatively painless. But since I have already invested in Retrospect, I wonder whether it would be worthwhile to invest in using a Cloud service and maybe reduce the number of hard drives I am maintaining.

So, anyone out there using Backblaze, Amazon or Google Cloud services to back up their computers? Recommendations? Prices?

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