VPN vs tethered cell phone

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VPN vs tethered cell phone

Postby vinnie-bob » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:09 am

OK, as I understand it, many online sources are recommending VPN, which seems to have surged since those laws were recently passed which let your ISP harvest your surfing data. In my mind, if *this* is why you are thinking of VPN, I don't get it — all you are doing is moving your surfing history from your ISP to a VPN, who can do the same thing???

I already have a ton of data available on my iphone data plan, so I was thinking 'why bother with VPN' if I can just use my cell phone and tether it to my Mac or iPad. I am more concerned about people intercepting packets than my surfing history being sold, so let's just take the privacy issue off the table. Cell data should much safer than using an open wifi network (most of the time I am tethering by cord, not wifi), and if most of the connections used are HTTPS, they are encrypted as well. I still don't think I would do any online banking this way, but if I have a decent cell phone connection, I find it preferable to airport wifi or Starbucks.

What are you doing for this, if anything?
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