Appreciation for SuperCard

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Appreciation for SuperCard

Postby drpitcairn » Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:46 am

Today being Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to express appreciation for this wonderful software. I am not a programmer, really an amateur, as my main work is in medicine. Yet, I have learned how to use this and found it very useful in so many ways, many of which not mentioned on this forum. One example is that another veterinarian and I spent some years editing a major reference work of symptom classification that is used in clinical practice. The result is out in computer form and also being released as a book of over 600 pages very soon. In the production of this book I was able to take information from other databases and using a project I wrote to completely reformat the data so it could be included in our work. To have done this by hand would have been unthinkable, yet I was able to do it in seconds because of SC.
So thanks to the developers and to those that keep this software going — keeping it current and available. Letting you know it is appreciated.
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